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Hi!  I promise I haven’t forgotten you – I just don’t have an inborn need to write.  This makes me a mediocre blogger, at best.  I was never good at keeping a diary or journal, either, even though I really wanted to be.  I don’t process events by writing about them, and I’m not all that great at staying in touch via email or other written means.

Anyway, all that to say – sorry for the infrequent posting, and I think I’ll be changing the format of this blog.  I think I’m going to just post the recipe (which may just be a link to the place where I got it), some photos, and my notes on the recipe – what I’d change, what was really great, etc.  Instead of feeling the need to WRITE about it, this will be more of a record of what I’ve made and how I liked it.  I realize this will probably be not all that exciting to read, but it means I will probably post more often!

And now, on to the jam.  I made and froze some strawberry jam last month, but I didn’t really want to deal with the whole canning thing – it just seemed like a hassle.  Then I happened to read a lot more about canning (it’s the season, I think), and I changed my tune!  This jam is yummy – not the best strawberry jam I’ve ever had, but good.  I wasn’t as focused on the actual jam as much as the process of canning.  Now that I’ve tried it, I can pay more attention to what’s going in the jars! 

Beginner Strawberry Jam

4.5 cups crushed strawberries (a 1/2 flat, minus about a pint of yucky berries)
2.5 cups sugar
1 box No Sugar Needed Sure-Jell (in the pink box)

  1. Top and halve the berries.  Crush them, about a cup at a time, with a potato masher.  Put them in a stockpot.
  2. Get all your canning stuff set up and ready to go!
  3. Mix 1/4 cup sugar and the box of Sure-Jell.  Add this mixture to the strawberries.
  4. Bring the berry mixture to a boil over medium-high heat.  Add the rest of the sugar and return to a boil.  Boil for one minute, stirring constantly. Skim foam off top and discard (or save to put on your toast in the morning!  Yum.)
  5. Pour into waiting jars, and process using the boiling-water canning method.
  6. Ta-da!  Strawberry jam, in happy little jars.


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